I absolutely love the idea of public humiliation. A person will never feel more humiliated then when they are exposed to the glaring eyes of others. What I don’t like though is the ethical dilemma. Consent is sexy and we should never, ever, involve unconsenting parties to our kinky play. It is such a fun fantasy though! I could talk about fantasy public humiliation for hours!

But sometimes fantasy just isn’t enough. Is it? Sometimes you crave the real deal.

I’ve talked about public humiliation tasks on this blog before, and while humiliating, they all tend to keep my little bitch bois fully clothed. They lack the *exposure* part that so many humiliation pets crave. I have a special little pet who has been wanting to explore public humiliation lately. With an emphasis on exposure. He has also been locked in a chastity cage for a few weeks now. So right at that crazy-horny stage where he will do *anything* to please his Mistress.

And how I love when chastity pets get to that stage! Unfortunately though, that crazy level of horniness often ends up with pets not fulfilling their self care needs. So many go off their feed, neglect their hygiene, stop working out, etc. The lack of self care often leads to the end of our chastity journey. Nothing puts a damper on fun like needing to go to the ER because you passed out from not eating for days! Self care in chastity is so fucking important!

So, I decided to go a two birds for one stone route with my public humiliation-craving, chastity-crazed little loser. There are a few places where nudity is expected and acceptable. One such place is, of course, the locker room.

So I made him get a gym membership and he has been changing in the locker room, caged of course, in full fucking view.

And I have been laughing my ass off about it since!