It’s short and skirt season girls! Which means you sissy bitches need to make sure those legs are nice and smooth. So it’s time to pull out the razors and the skintimate.

The other day while I was playing with my Little Sissy Crissy, an idea struck me. The implications for humiliating this little bitch if I went through with it, were just too great to resist. I had little crissy pack up a beach towel, some bottles of water, some shave gel and razors. Then I had him slip into some shorts and flip flops, and had the little slut head to the local park that afternoon.

Once there, I had him lay out that towel, get comfy and then I instructed him to shave those legs, right there in full public view!!!!

It was absolutely hilarious!!! I was able to watch on webcam and fucking loved every minute of it! I don’t think I have ever seen a face turn so red!