Ty and I just got back from another little day trip! This time we went to Charleston, SC. The beach was great and the water so warm that it was practically time to bust out a bar of soap. We had dinner at Pearlz Oyster bar (I love raw oysters! An aphrodisiac that tastes of the sea!) and then spent the evening in waterfront park, mostly because I wanted to frolic in the fountain. Anywho, in the grassy area at the park I noticed a couple that had spread out a blanket for a picnic. They had a small cooler and a little radio playing. The woman was laid out on her stomach and the man was giving her a nice sensual massage.

He was being especially attentive to her legs and feet. I was too far off to tell for sure, but from the look on his face, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was sporting a boner.

The way he was so attentive, almost feverishly massaging, bending down to leave light kisses on her and the satisfied, smug smile on the woman’s face lead me to believe that the pair were in a D/s or Female Led Relationship, and rather enjoying some public body worship.

There’s something a so thrilling about public body worship, declaring your submission to a woman out in the open, where everyone can see.

I pointed out the couple to my boyfriend, Ty. I didn’t tell him of my suspicions as to the dynamic of their relationship. Instead, I chuckled and told him “Looks like someone is getting laid tonight.”

Ty pretty much immediately started rubbing my shoulders. There’s more then one way for the cunning Domme to get her share of public body worship!