If chastity is something that appeals to you then you are going to need to get a device. Well I mean there is the whole notion of mental chastity and I suppose that is a valid option.. but meh. I want to hear that satisfying “click” of the lock and knowing you can’t get to that pathetic fuck stick. It makes me happy. It makes my pussy wet. So just go get a proper cock cage. Here are some tips to keep in mind when making the picking your chastity cage.

1.) If you are new to chastity – don’t buy a ball keeper that costs an arm and a leg. Chastity isn’t for everyone. There is no shame in trying it out and deciding it is not for you…but there is in having a small fortune invested in devices you will never use.

2.) On the flip side of that though remember that price reflects quality. If you do know you want to venture deeper down the rabbit hole of chastity – don’t try to do it with a dinky little plastic toy.

3.) Think Hygiene! Especially if you are looking long term chastity… make sure you will be able to keep your junk clean in it.

4.) Watch the fit.. Don’t get a cage that is too tight. It should slip onto a limp dick easily. Those of you who have had the *ahem* pleasure of a small penis humiliation call with me knows how much I loathe that little sissy stick of yours (And really 99% of you reading this know you have a pathetic excuse for a cock inbetween your legs) but seriously, even with as much contempt I have for that thing – don’t pick a cage so tight you cock rots and falls off from lack of circulation

5.) Check out the online reviews! Or get over to enchantrix empire and strike up a conversation with other chastity pets and get some first hand feedback.

6.) Fuck all that I’ve just said and just go buy a nice mature metal cock cage. Ty has a jailbird. My chastity runner up model would be the CB6000