Pass the Penis

Have you ever played pass the penis? It’s one of my favorite phone sex games! It is such a fun way to enjoy a good phone sex session. You get a preset block of time with your Mistress, once your time is up – you get sent to another Mistress to continue the fun! You can choose which Mistresses you would like to speak to, or you can let one of our lovely dispatchers surprise you! Maybe a fast paced session of 10 minutes with 6 different ladies tickles your fancy, or you perhaps you’d like a little more time and would rather have 20 minute sessions with 3. It’s up to you!

Pass the Penis can be customized to any kink or topic you like! I recently did a sissy fashion show pass the penis game. Every Mistress on the call dressed the little sissy in a different outfit! A sweet summer dress, sexy bridal lingerie, a slutty girl’s night out outfit, a humiliating french maid costume and even a princess dress! All described in exquisite detail by each Mistress. It was so much fun!

I think my absolute FAVORITE way to play Pass the Penis is definitely a nice long Tease and Denial session though!

Tease and… Denial?

Oh yes. Denial. How I love it! Let’s just say if you *really* want to cum, you had better make sure that I am not the last Mistress in your game of pass the penis. I absolutely ADORE denial. I will not allow you to cum during my few short minutes with you. No matter how many times you have edged. No matter how hard you beg. I WANT you blue balled and desperate. I want to take you to the edge again and again and leave you wanting more.

And that’s why I think Pass the Penis is one of the best ways to enjoy tease and denial phone sex. Your Mistress will get you so worked up and on edge, and then BOOM time is up! You get a short cool down period to get safely away from that edge while being routed to another Mistress. And then she will get you worked up all over again in a new and fun way. You know that I am cruel and humiliating. Wouldn’t it be such a rush to go from my decisive denial to a seductively sensual tease? I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to play tease and denial pass the penis sessions that have lasted for hours. It is definitely one of the best ways to enjoy some extreme tease and denial phone sex.

Sounds like fun! How do I play?

Ready to play? Do you want to learn more about Pass the Penis? Head over to and let your dispatcher know you want to play on your next call!