Did you know that Domination phone sex calls are not the only types of calls I do! I also enjoy taking a walk on the stranger side and indulging in some more niche fantasies. I’ve done calls about all sorts of things like:

Giantess/Shrinking –  Either me being very tall or you being very small – I love playing with my little guys. Crushing you under my huge feet, using you as a dildo, chomping you up. Tearing down building and unleashing mighty roars!

Sci-fi/Fantasy – Hot alien abductions complete with probing, robots and cyborgs, or being bewitched and taken to the realm of the elves.

Balloons – With advanced notice I have done all sorts of looner calls. Listen while I blow a balloon up more and more until… POP!

Quicksand –  Ever fantasize about being trapped in quicksand? About that sinking feeling? Slowly you go down, the quicksand surrounding you until your last breath.

Tickling – tying you down and showing absolutely no mercy as I tickle your sides, arm pits and feet

Vore – Vorarephilia fantasies are probably some my absolute favorite non-dominaiton fantasies. I’ve had calls about swarms of needle toothed murder dolls, about turning my pet into a butterball turkey, unbirthing fantasies where my pussy swallows someone whole, giant snakes, and magical transformations of you into animals and/or food!

Do you have any “strange” fantasies you would like to share? Would you like to see more of this type of content on this blog? Write a reply to this post and let me know!