Sometimes when I have my sissy house maids doing their chores, I like to spice things up by enacting the “No Hands Allowed” rule. It is really a lot of fun for me! So humiliating to the little sissy.

For washing the kitchen floor, they use sponges taped to their knees and have to crawl around to make it spic and span!

The toilet is scrubbed with a toothbrush held between their teeth.

The dusting gets done by shoving the feather duster handle up their ass and them shaking that sissy ass all over the house (This is why I like them in traditional french maid outfits)

The laundry is done by them fetching each piece from my dirty hamper, carrying it to the laundry room in their mouth one pair of panties at a time.

The kitchen garbage is stuffed into their maid out fits and they have to go outside and shake it out into the big can. Yes. In full view!