As 2016 comes to an end, we should be looking forward to improving ourselves for the upcoming New Year. Resolutions are a tradition, and my SPH pets have a set of special ones related to their *ahem* condition…

For my single shrimp dicks:

I will not waste any women’s time by attempting to date them. I understand I will only disappoint them when it finally progresses to a physical relationship. Women need big cocks, and I just don’t have one.

For my pathetic pricked bitches in relationships:

I will do my best to encourage my girlfriend/lover/spouse to seek a partner outside of our relationship for her own satisfaction. I deserve to be cuckolded.

For my Sissy sticked sluts:

I understand that I do not have a cock. I have a clit. I will keep it clad in panties all year long since there is too much extra space in the front of boxers for me.

For my finger-cocked size faggot and faggot wannabes:

I am completely incapable of satisfying a woman due to my small penis, as such I will regularly suck cock this year. Men only need a warm wet hole, they are the only people I can ever hope to satisfy.

For ALL my little losers:

I will regularly call my LDW Mistress(es) so I can be laughed at and consistently reminded that cock size does matter and I do not measure up.

Of course, New Year’s Resolutions are often left forgotten by the time March roles around… Rest assured if you fail to uphold your SPH resolution the punishment will be severe.