Happy New Years, pets! I’m leaving this quick blog post before heading out on the town with my sexy bull lover. With 2018 right around the corner it is time to think about our kinky resolutions. Here are some ideas for my pets who haven’t come up with any yet.

Sissy Sluts – Time to expand that panty collection! One new pair a month starting in January.

Chastity Pets – Let’s really push those stints in the cage. For anyone who hasn’t gone 30 days – this is your year!

Cocksuckers – You should all be able to deep throat without gagging by 2019

Pain Sluts – It’s a strength building year for you. I expect another 10 lbs on your ball weights by this time next year.

Cuckies – 12 months in a year, so 12 romantic dates you plan. For your wife. To take part in alone or with her lover. Spa days, solo vacations, shopping sprees at Victoria’s. Spoil your woman the way she deserves.

Stroker Bois – You should aim to increase your stamina by 1 minute per week this year. I’ll be looking forward to our marathon stroke sessions in 2010.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe New Year’s Eve, and here’s to a kinkier and more interesting 2018!

– Miss Nadia