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Ready for the next installment of my Top Ten Favorite Fetishes!?! Read on!

# 9 – Female Superiority

What it is: Admit it. You’ve always known deep down that women are simply better then you. That your proper place is at her feet. Kissing her boots.  You are an inferior man. You read the news and your pecker pricks when you read headlines about women having longer life spans then men, that more women graduate from high education then men, and the inherit vigor of two X chromosomes. Doesn’t it. You’ve surpassed being green with envy about women’s multi orgasmic abilities, they deserve them after all. The realization has dawned on you, that women are innately superior to men.

Why I like it: Well, if women are superior they need to be treated as such! I have been involved in several Female Led Relationships, I always loved being worshiped as the Goddess I am and, of course, making the decisions in the relationship. No fights about what movie we would see or where we would eat, as he would defer to me. No fighting about the chores getting done as they were all his responsibility.  It pleased me.

Besides my real life experience with female superiority, I also have some fairly in depth fantasies of my own! Mostly revolving around a female led society where all the males were kept as slaves. It really gets me going when I think about how I would break in and train my new slaves. How I would have their complete and utter submission