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DECEMBER PROMO NEWS: Great news gents! aaaaaaaaaall December long 30 minute and 60 minute sessions are at a discounted rate! 30 min blocks are $75 and 60 mins are $125. Happy kinky holidays from us to you 🙂

Now on to the countdown with my #2 favorite fetish – CBT!!!

What it is: Me hurting your cock and balls. I may use various household items to do it: Wooden spoons, rubber bands, ice, hot peppers, tube socks and cans of tuna. Or tools designed for the job, humblers, ball crushers, wartenberg wheels, paddles and clamps. Or maybe just bare hands. But long story short – that dick is going to HURT.

Why I like it: The fucking whimpers and gasps of pain. Omg. They are sooooo fucking funny! It’s like all the “hit in the nuts” videos from America’s Funniest Videos all at once, at my whim. Fucking Ace. I have found myself laughing so hard during a good CBT phone sex call, that I have actually had to log out and take a break because *my* sides hurt from laughing so much.