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Hey kinksters! Ready for the countdown of my Top 10 favorite fetishes? This is fun as I just had a nice long tease and denial session today, that ended just the way I describe in this post. It was so much fun!

What it is: I have you there, a full body sweat has broken out, and you are jacking that cock just the way I like it. You are so fucking close. You can’t wait to shoot your load all over. It’s going to be the most intense orgasm of your life. Just a few more strokes and you’ll blow. You can’t help it. So. Close. And then –

“Get your hands OFF that fucking cock”

That’s Denial.

Why I like it: And oh how sweet that denial is. The big reason denial is a favorite fetish of mine is that I absolutely love to hear whimpering and begging. It’s music to me ears! Very few things get a man begging the way that making him let go of that cock when he is so close to cumming! And then when I say “No” that he isn’t going to be cumming at ALL today. Why I do believe I have caused real tears with that one!