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What it is: There you are, kneeling by the side of the bed watching while a real man takes his big, thick, cock and pushes it right into your wife’s tight little pussy. He starts fucking her in a way you never could – he’s completely filling her and stretching her out. While you just sit there and watch. Your wife is making sounds you’ve never heard and is having amazing mind blowing sex – all with another man. A better man. And you feel absolutely fucking pathetic. You are a complete and total loser in that moment because you can’t sexually satisfy your wife.

Why I like it: The reason I love cuckolding is because it is so humiliating! Cuckolding happens because of humiliating reasons, such as having a small penis. And then often the cuckold will be doing humiliating things! Cleaning up a creampie, sucking cock and wearing panties (because let’s face it not like he was a real man anyways). Cuckolding is also something I have lots of real life experience with, having been in several cucked relationships