Happy Masturbation May Kinksters! I hope you enjoyed Ms. Erika’s informative post about masturbating your female partners!

Well, today’s Masturbation May celebration is about stroking you! Of course, I am still a cruel and dominant woman, so don’t expect to stroke to *completion* here! You see, even though this post is about you masturbating, everything is still all about ME.

And I LOVE denial. Every fucking minute of it. I have you there, a full body sweat has broken out, and you are jacking that cock just the way I like it. You are so fucking close. You can’t wait to shoot your load all over. It’s going to be the most intense orgasm of your life. Just a few more strokes and you’ll blow. You can’t help it. So. Close. And then –

“Get your hands OFF that fucking cock”

God those little whimpers you let out when that happens just make my fucking day. That’s why I like to edge my pets over and over again.

Want to give it a shot? Here’s a little stroking game for you to practice: Masturbation May

Now take those blue balls of yours over to the wonderful Ms. Audrey tomorrow May 17th! I am sure she has a wonderful surprise in store for you guys for another maginficent Masturbation May day!