Hey kinksters! Hope you have been enjoying Masturbation May. The best thing about May (aside from the masturbation part) is that it is the opening of beach season! Miss Cassidy has been having fun at the beach already, and like every year, Ty and I hit up Myrtle Beach for bike fest and Memorial day weekend fun.

Apparently, it was also the destination of choice for Tropical Storm Bonnie this year! We got a bit rained out, but on the bright side it made for some pretty decent surfing conditions. Which is why you may have noticed this blog entry is a bit late – I messed up my shoulder yesterday during a pretty nasty wipe out and spent the evening relaxing in the hotel with the good stuff urgent care sent me home with. 😉

But onto the masturbation! Since my shoulder hurts, I think it’s only fair that your balls hurt.

Ok. Ok. We both know that I would have made your balls hurt anyways.

You’ll need 2 hands free for today’s Masturbation assignment. Stroke with you dominant hand, going very slowly at first with a loose grip, and with the other, I want you gently slap your balls, a nice gentle bump.

Slowly increase the speed and tighten your grip. As you do so, increase the strength of your slapping as well. From gentle bumps, to the way it would feel if they were slapping against the ass of a woman you were fucking.

Keep increasing the speed, grip and slap strength. Edge yourself. I want 5 edges. On the last one, stroke as hard and fast as you can, then right at the brink let go of your dick and SLAP as hard as you can.

No cummies though. I want your balls blue for the next Masturbation May Mistress – Ms. Kaylee