We talk a lot around here about how pathetic small dicks are. How they are absolutely useless to women, that they just can’t get a girl off, and that quite frankly the only thing they are even remotely good for is being the punchline to a joke.

But there is another, equally laughable state-of-penis that deserves humiliation.

I’m talking about the limp noodle.

The too soft to get it in dick.

The guy who not even a little blue pill will help.

The humiliation of Erectile Dysfunction.

There is not much more in this world worse than a non working dick. At least the little guys out there aren’t entirely to blame for their short stature, what with their genetic bad luck… But the thing that makes ED so laughable, and the thing I love about ED the most, is that it is a self fulfilling prophecy, and a vicious cycle. Mr. Member doesn’t rise to full mast one evening when you’re really tired, then the next time around you get nervous that there will be a repeat non-performance. The anxiety releases stress hormones which fuck up the circulation and BAM. You’re looking at another night of it flopping around uselessly.

A dominate expert humiliator like me, absolutely loves getting into the heads of the little floppy dicked bitches. Filling it with reminds of what a loser they are, and how that dick will never work again… ensuring the limp dick cycle continues.

Just for my amusement.