What we need here around LDW is a place for subbies to come relax and get a bite to eat. A restaurant of sorts. Of course it would be a very special restaurant, Staffed by the lovely Mistresses here. Oh, and of course it would be a themed place. I’m pretty sure you can guess what the theme is, can’t you?

Cum Eating.

Welcome to the International House Of Cum eating!

Can’t you just see it now? We can set it up like one of those Japanese steak houses, where they prepare your food right at your table. Except instead of a surly chef making stir fry, each station would be the domain of a Mistress. In front of her she would have dishes and bottles piled high with a variety of ingredients. Of course you would be supplying the most crucial one of all!

Maybe the devious Mistress Lilly will be whipping up her special cocktail, you’d be contributing the “cock” part, and the dashing Miss Pheonix will be serving her chef’s salad with an special dressing provided by you of course, I’ll serve up the main dish a cum glazed chicken breast, and for dessert? The lovely Miss Marlena has an eclair recipe to die for, of course you will be providing the cream filling!

Bon(er) Appetit!