I love big black cock. Black dicks just feel so damn good. Here is why I prefer them:

They are longer – He bottoms out every thrust. It feels amazing.

They are thicker – He stretches me out and presses up against the back of my clit and g spot at the same time. This leads to the most powerful orgasms.

They are more veiny – All those ridges and bumps feel awesome. Takes “ribbed for her pleasure” to a whole new level

They shoot the biggest damn loads – Every black guy I have been with have all shot huge loads. It is hot as fuck to feel rope after rope of hot cum filling my pussy up.

They look better – darker skin tones hide blemishes and skin discoloration. White dickies look like a splotchy mess when they are engorged, black dicks on the other hand stay a nice solid chocolate, and you know how much women love chocolate 😉