The number one thing you need to remember when you call me is that:

I get pleasure from your pain.

It is no secret that I love the emotional pain of humiliation. Take a look around my blog and you’ll see how much I love to laugh at tiny dicks, dress up sissies in humiliating outfits, rub into a cuckies face how much his wife is fucking around, and making sure every pathetic little loser knows exactly what I think of them.

But, I also love physical pain. I get off on the pathetic whimpers and moans you little bitches yelp out when I hurt you.

I have always loved busting balls. Hitting them. Trampling them. Kicking them. Squeezing them. I love tormenting cocks and twisting nipples.

I even enjoy just beating the ever loving fuck out of a guy. Slapping his face. Punching his gut. Kneeing him in the balls. Pushing him over and kicking him in the ribs while he’s down. Then just leaving him in a puddle on the ground.

Fuck. I’d even have fun ripping out your eyelashes one by one.

So give me a call and come hurt for me.