Are you such a fucking loser that no woman would want anything to do with you? Too much of a little bitch boi to even try? Well luckily for you, you can always purchase your very own girlfriend. A nice plasticy blow up doll.

So come on! Pump it Up and Hump it Up. She’s the best you’ll ever have!

Unless of course, you are such a pathetic little bitch that you aren’t even worthy of sex with a blow up doll… Perhaps I’ll make you be the bottom to the doll.You will worship and serve her just as you would me. I’ll have you worship her feet. Kiss her ass. Wait on her hand and foot and never even get to have sex with her!

OH better yet I’ll make you purchase a male blow up doll too. He’d be more man than you ever could be. He and your lovely lady will have quite a wonderful relationship. She’ll sit there and watch as you suck his cock. They’ll both snicker and laugh as you lay them out in your bed every night to sleep while you go curl up in the fucking closet like the pathetic little fuck that you are.

What a loser you are that you would be cucked by a fucking blow up doll

Do any of my readers here have a blow up doll? How do you like to play with them? Drop me a line in the comments and dish out the deets!