This morning I had a call with one of my favorite pain sluts. For anyone who has not had the pleasure of a call with me – I have what could be called a bit of a sadistic streak. In addition to humiliating and degrading little bitches I also love to hear them whimpering and whining in pain. Especially when I’m the one causing it!

Now there is a reason that I especially love playing with this particular little bitch not only does he make the most delicious sounds of agony while maintaining a high threshold for pain play – he is also a humiliation whore. And my oh my do I have some content to work with! He just happens to be a disgusting fat slob. A fucking pig.

Seriously, I have seen this fucker on cam plenty of times. He needs to put down the fucking donuts and get his fat ass on the treadmill. I often chastise him for that spare tire he carries around but it wasn’t until recently I realized how to push our sessions to the next level. My partner Ty is a personal trainer, a few weeks ago we were talking shop and he had mentioned something about sore muscles – and it hit me. What my painpig needed was to get a good work out. It would give me ample opportunity to humiliate him for being an obese fuckwad – even channeling that high school fear of gym class. It would be a good fucking show to see on cam. And most importantly – he would have that full on body ache from sore muscles to remind him of me for days after our session.

I had him do several mortifying ‘exercises’ for me. It was so much fun! I had him tie up his cock and balls and hang a weight from them before doing jumping jacks. Made him jog in place naked while I made fun of the way his disgusting body jiggled and how gross the buckets of sweat pouring from his body was. How he must truly have smelt like a pig. But I think my favorite part was watching his fat ass do push ups over the toilet, then letting him dip his head in to quench his thirst.