Drop your pants and get in into my lap. You know what’s coming don’t you pet? You are going to receive a bare bottom over the knee spanking! You deserve it. You’ve been so naughty…

Those are words I love saying to my little pets. I love how red their little faces get and how nervous they become!

Over the knee spanking is a trick in many a Humiliatrix’s tool box. It quickly brings up feelings of vulnerability. It is emasculating. And my favorite – it is embarrassing. You’ll feel as small and weak as you did when you were little and being punished for being naughty. You’re face will heat as it becomes as red as your ass while you are being scolded by your Mistress. You’ll wiggle and squirm – but there is no getting away from my bare hand as it descends down onto your bare buttocks over and over again.

And I will be laughing the entire time.