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Not too long ago in this post I talked about an episode of Friends in which there was a killer joke about erectile dysfunction. I recently caught a rerun of Seinfeld – the shrinkage episode, within which was one fantastic small penis joke. For those who need a refresher:

Ahh. Makes me chuckle every time. The way she looks down, how she can barely hold back her laughter, the way she say’s “I’m really sorry”. And then the audience laughing. Seinfeld was filmed in front of a live studio audience after all. Go back and re watch the clip and pay attention to the laugh track. I mean the joke itself wasn’t exactly the height of wittiness. It was simplistic – but the laughter goes on and on. It’s quite obvious the women in the audience are rolling. They just couldn’t help themselves. A man with a small penis is humorous.

Women love making fun of a man’s sexual inadequacies. This goes beyond the kinky world of domination and phone sex. Jokes like the above are common on tv, in movies and print. Consider this the first post of many where we explore humiliation in mainstream media. Our art is an expression of our culture. And in western culture – little dicked men deserve to get laughed at.