One of the more humiliating jobs for cuckies is helping their hot wives get ready for their dates. Here is a quick guide for the little losers out there who will find themselves cucked and needing to help their spouse.

1.) Be sure to get up early and complete all the daily chores, you don’t want wife to have to worry about anything today!

2.) Fix her a light but protein rich meal.

3.) Help her to the tub for a soak. Lather her up and shave her legs and bikini area

4.) while she finishes her soak, lay out that little black dress and her sexiest lingerie (You know, the real lacey stuff that she NEVER wears for you)

5.) After she dresses, help her into her heels. Do a little foot and heel worship while you are down there.

6.) Spritz her perfume so she can walk through (Spray, Delay, and Walk Away!)

7.) Hand her your credit card. Dinner for both is on you tonight.

8.) Call your favorite LDW Mistress so she can laugh at how hard your little dickie is while you imagine all the things your wife and her boyfriend are getting up to!