One of my favorite past times is watching my little house bitches do all my house hold chores while I relax and enjoy myself. However, it is housework after all, and it does get a bit mundane. So in order to amuse myself, every so often I enact the “no hands allowed” rule. Just for shits and giggles. I still expect all the chores to be completed to my standard, and it is so much fun to watch my sissy house maids falter about once I literally tie their hands.

I love making them wash the kitchen floors by duct taping sponges to their knees and making them crawl about. Or scrubbing the toilet bowl out with a tooth brush held between their teeth, or even more fun is when I make them do the dusting by having them shake that little sissy ass all over the house after I have shoved the handle of the feather duster far up their little ass-pussy.

Fucking. Hilarious.