You nervously open the door before you, and find a set of stairs leading down into a dark abyss. You steel yourself and then take that first step and then the next… the stairs lead you further and further down, spiraling to the lowest bowels of the basement. When they curve around a final time you see a light ahead. You continue forward and step into a brightly lit room.

Your shoes click on the white tile floor, as you look around. You seem to have found yourself into some sort of laboratory. Beakers full of an acid green liquid boil over the eerie blue flame of a bunsen burner on the metal table next to you. Just as you turn to leave you hear foot steps from the other side of the lab.. the clicking of wickedly high heels against the tile. From behind a table stacked with lab equipment, a woman comes around, wearing a long white lab coat and goggles on her head.

“M-m-m-Mistresss Nadia? Is that you?”

“Oh it’s Doctor tonight.  You may not have known this about me my little pet, but I have always loved tinkering with gadgets and working on my science experiments. I especially love conducting them in haunted houses. You see, if something were to go horribly wrong something unexpected happens and it causes the untimely demise on my test subjects – I can still continue my experiments on their ghosts. I’m actually glad you are here! I have just finished my latest invention and was hoping a new guinea pig would show up!”
Dr. Pohl leads you to the far corner of the lab, where a strange metal contraption, a cross between a St Andrews cross and a gurney, stood against the wall. Ten feet in front of it, a large ray gun stood on its stand, pointing to the center of the cross.
“This is my cock engorging ray! Once it is turned on it will cause you cock to grow in length and width – now any cock can become a real pussy stretcher! Just step over here, against the cross. ”

Dr. Pohl straps your hands and ankles in with thick leather straps, then pulls your pants down exposing your cock. She turns to the machine, pulls her goggles down and throws the switch. Nothing happens at first, you hear the faint hum of electrical equipment, then all of a sudden the ray comes to life and shoots out a scarlet beam directly to your cock!
For some reason, it makes your cock hard, you look down eager to watch it grow and become the kind of cock you always dreamed of having. That’s strange.. it seems to be getting… smaller.
To your horror, you watch as your cock shrinks! It seems to be wasting away… The machine is switched off, and Nadia steps around to see the results.
“HAHAHAHAHAHA Oh my! It sure did become a tiny little thing didn’t it? I think I have seen Ken dolls better endowed then that! I don’t think any women would ever want a piece of that pin prick of yours. Sorry about that. Looks like I made a nifty shrink ray though.”
You start to grab your boxers, but the mad Doctor stops you, and hands you a pair of frilly pink panties instead.