October is awesome. Pumpkin spice and caramel apple flavor invades the land. The fall colors are in full swing. Boots are back in style. Best of all though is that Halloween is just around the corner!

Halloween has been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember. If you are a sissy it should be yours as well. Halloween is the perfect opportunity for closeted sissies to do that one thing they fantasize about most but are too nervous to actually do:

Go out in public fully dressed in their sissy things.

I get it. Lots of sissies are just not in a position where they can indulge their fantasies in such a public way. But it is Halloween. The rules all go out the window! It is the one day when you can dress and be someone else with no societal repercussions! You have plausible deniability here. You are just dressing up for Halloween. It’s just a gag after all. Only you and I will know the whole truth.

So pick a celebrity for some sissy inspo and start planning your Halloween costumes! Here are some ideas for you:

Marilyn Monroe – Get out your red lipstick, find a flirty white dress, a cute blonde wig, and sport that trademark mole

Lady Gaga – Pick out your most outrageous and funky sissy gear and go as Gagaloo

Jackie’ O – If you are looking for a more refined look, nothing as classy as Jackie ‘O

Tina Turner – Wanna show off some leg and go Big Hair? Tina Turner is your girl!

Madonna – How about focus on the boobs and go retro Madonna with the cone tits and corset.

So who are you going as this Halloween?