You know that I am a true believer in female superiority, I often enjoy reminding my pets why that should be the natural order of things. What I have found that I enjoy even more then reminding them, is having them strain their puny little male brains to come up with reasons of their own! So I set a humiliation task for a special little subbie of mine. I promised that if he was able to amuse me that I would share his list with all the readers of Humiliation Nation. Well, when I got to the end I started laughing so hard my sides hurt! So without further ado, here is Sir Varnus’s 10 reasons women are superior to men!
Why Women are superior to men
  1. Women are more intelligent
    Earlier women performed slightly worse in IQ tests, but nowadays women left men behind them, as many studies show. It’s a logical consequence more women than men graduate from universities.
  2. Women can multi-task better than men
    It’s a well-known fact the corpus callosum is better developed in the female, allowing her to do several things at once. The male is forced to do one thing at a time.
  3. Women have the pussy
    Do you ever think you have the choice which woman you have sex with? Think again. L’Origine du monde. We all came from it and men spend the rest of their life getting into it, no matter the costs. Women have the power in this game and decide who gets laid.
  4. Women enjoy sex more than you do as a man
    The female genitalia is more complex than the males and contains more nerve endings and pleasure receptors. Women can easily enjoy orgasm after orgasm, which is not possible for the male. Whenever sleeping with a woman, remember she will normally enjoy sex more than you do.
  5. Women are the original gender
    The biblical story might say otherwise, but the chromosomes prove Eve was on earth before Adam. The male Y chromosome is just a deformed X (female) chromosome. It contains 78 genes, while the X chromosome contains 2000 genes.
  6. More resilient genitalia
    Women’s genitalia is safely stored within the womans’s body, while the male is prone to damage from various sources. Women can’t get kicked in the balls and they don’t zip up their foreskin in their pants. Women don’t get circumcised usually, contrary to men.
  7. Women live longer than men
    Women live longer by 5 to 10 years, depending on the country, than men.
  8. Women are able to give birth
    Only women are able to give birth and make something living out of nothing.
The 11th reasons: Women have a better memory.
LMAO. Well said pet. Well said. – Ms Nadia