Well, I have spent the majority of the day making Ty feel awful about the Panthers loss yesterday. Ty, a born and raised Charlotte and die hard Panther’s fan – he has been taking it pretty hard. I just sent him this text:

“Q: What do Fig Newtons and Cam Newtons have in common? A: They are both soft and crumble under pressure!”

Hehehe. I figure I’d give my man a break from chastising his team for dropping the ball (both literally and figuratively) and turn my attention to my little pets with a humiliation assignment for sissies!

I think for this sissy humiliation assignment we are going to go on a little field trip! So come on sluts, get those pretty little pink panties on, slip on some silky stockings, stuff your feet into a pair of heels, put on your favorite dress, do your hair and makeup and get in the car!

For this humiliation assignment, you need to go through a drive-thru, place an order and pay – all while fully dressed!!!

And then come back here to share your experiences in the comments below.

Have fun sissies!!!