Something that I have always found to be highly amusing is the phenomenon of guys being virgins well into their adulthood. Not talking about those who abstain for their religious or moral beliefs – but those who so desperately WANT to lose their V card, but just never seem to be able to get the deed done. I have virgin pets in their late 20s, in their 30s, 40s and even a 58 year old virgin!

There are many reasons that someone can’t get their V card punched – some are just really fucking ugly, some have no social skills when it comes to women, some are too fat, and a lot of them have dicks that are just too small.

I love teasing the small dicked ones (Ok, let’s be real here. I love teasing and humiliating ALL of them), especially those who have micro peens. Those pathetic little one to two inchers.

Even if they found a woman who was actually willing to try to have sex with them – they are so fucking short they can’t even penetrate! The best they could ever hope for would be to just brush against the pussy lips.

Destined to die a virgin for the lack of 3 inches of flesh.

Fucking. Hilarious.