Every so often I get asked why I love denial so much, and do I ever feel bad for the poor guy who is aching from his blue balls, badly needing a release. How could I do that to a guy!?!

Well, first of all, I love denial because I find that it makes subs more compliant, the way they beg and cry is funny, and because I like leaving guys in pain!

And no. I have never felt bad about denying a man. Most of the guys I refuse to give release to are denied because they simply do not have a proper sized cock. If they did, they would be out using it on a woman!

Let’s face it, those shrimp dick just can’t do the job that dicks were made to for. That small pathetic excuse of a cock never has, and never will be capable of bringing a woman to orgasm or to give her pleasure.

So why the fuck should a little dicked loser get to enjoy an orgasm if they can’t give one?