Every house has it’s own set of rules, A house run by a Fem Domme such as myself tends to have more rules with even stricter consequences. One rule in my domain that absolutely MUST be abide by, under penalty of a severe ball busting, is DO NOT attempt to interact with Mistress Nadia until she has had her coffee.

I love coffee. I NEED coffee.

Now that we are in full swing of this hellish south eastern weather, I have officially switched to ice coffee.

I thought it would be fun to share my secret iced coffee recipe, with a twist for the cum eaters out there!

Good iced coffee is a process, people. It takes time. In the case of my brew it takes DAYS. Forget the pot, get out your french press, we’re going to cold brew this shit. Use fresh ground beans. Grind those fuckers yourself. A cold brew leads to a less bitter and more delicate flavor. Use filtered water, never tap. Ground beans and water in the french press in the fridge over night. The next morning, transfer the brewed coffee into an ice tray and freeze. The following night do another cold brew.

The next morning put the ice made of coffee into a glass and pour the cold brew over it. I like my coffee like I like my men – black. If my sweet tooth is aching I’ll use some caramel and sea salt.

But you? Oh, you are a nasty little cum slut that needs some cream in their coffee. So take care of that morning wood and cum in that cup, leaving a nice swirl of jizz on the top.

Now drink. Swallow all that cum. Eat it eagerly like the little cum dump that you are.

What do you guys think? Should cum eating recipes be a regular feature on this blog?