I have had the wonderful opportunity to speak regularly with a couple who are new to the cuckolding game. They aren’t quite yet ready to bring a bull lover into the bedroom yet, but they have been having great fun exploring the fantasy! Their toy collection has grown, they have role played and have had fun phone sessions, but are still itching for more.

The last time the three of us chatted they asked if I had any relatively low risk ideas that could bring in some excitement while they were still deciding if they wanted to cross that line and open up their marriage.

I told them to set wifey up on Tinder.

So they did! They were a little nervous about someone they know spotting their profile, so I had them set her profile’s location to another city far away from them.

Like tinder is apt to do – the messages just started FLOODING in from thirsty guys wanting to bone his wife. They had so much fun reading them and sexting guys together. They both loved the attention she was getting.

I can’t wait to talk to them again and get some updates!