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If I Have a Small Penis, Am I Destined to be a Cuckold?

I was checking my email this morning and stumbled across a message from someone with this title:

“If I have a small penis, am I destined to be a cuckold?”

I opened the mail and was met with a tearful message from a man who was worried that his wife would cheat on him, because his penis is only 4 1/2 inches long when erect. He had been looking at his wife’s phone and saw that she had been looking at interracial porn! (Yes, women watch porn too.)

Clearly his wife has been thinking of some nice big black cock stretching her pussy out, filling it up, and giving her the toe curling, mind blowing orgasm that her husband’s little bitty 4 inch dickie could NEVER give her.

A woman has needs. It is a very rare one indeed that can go a lifetime without having her sexual ones met. Which is why my response to the email was, of course:


2 comments to If I Have a Small Penis, Am I Destined to be a Cuckold?

  • Mr. Thimble

    Ouch! Is it really true? There must be some hope for the dicklets out there?

  • william

    I have always wished I was big. I always wanted to have a woman say “wow” or to feel like I could dominate a woman. Women in the modern age have gotten more and more upfront about what they want and how they feel about small guys. It is part of the times.

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