One of the most important things when working out a chastity training plan with your Mistress is a frank discussion of your personal limits. Personal limits have to do with your lifestyle, experience and preferences. What I mean by lifestyle is that rules for a single male chastity pet living alone would be far different from the rules for a married man living with his family. For experience, I mean your actual experience with chastity, if you have never been locked before I wouldn’t try and make you lock for a year – we will build up to it! And preferences is just that – I have chastity pets that want to be denied indefinitely and I have pets who want to cum once a week.

Chastity is one of those fetishes that takes a little prep work. So if it is something that interests you feel free to send me an email or hit me up on YIM so we can work out the logistics. Here are some questions for you to ponder that your Mistress will need some answers to:

What about chastity do you find arousing?

What are you chastity goals? Are you into long term? Or do you just want to put on a cock cage and play for a few hours?

What is your lifestyle like? Married? Work somewhere where you need to go through metal detectors?

How long do can you go between sexual release?

Do you have any other interests or fetishes you would like to include in your Chastity program?

Have you purchased a cock cage yet?

Who do you want to be in control of the key?

How likely are you to cheat and do you want to be prevented from doing so or punished for it?