We lovely ladies of LDW don’t key hold in the traditional sense when it comes to chastity.  So sometimes we have to get creative. Some ladies have had their pets freeze their keys in a block of ice, or send them off in the mail to an imaginary address just to see how long it takes to get returned to sender. My top three ways of keeping pets honest with their chastity regimen are as follows:

  • Using a food safe to store the key. (A food safe is a small plastic container that has a timed locking lid, designed to keep snacking at bay, but it works perfectly to keep you away from your chastity key too.)
  • Serial numbered zip ties
  • Using a combination lock that you can pick the combo for. Only you are blindfolded and you set the combination on webcam so only I know the code.

I think one of the most amusing ways of dealing with the chastity key was what I had a little pet do for me the other night:

I had him crawl to the bathroom, with the key in his mouth, then drop it into the toilet After that, I commanded him to flush the key away.

Come on, you didn’t think I was actually planning on ever letting him out anyways, did you?

Ms. Nadia