There are many humiliating ways for a Mistress to have absolute control over you. one of my personal favorites is by using a cock cage. For me, there isn’t much that beats the pathetic pleas of a pet going through the circles of chastity hell 

There you are, your worthless little dicklet is locked in a cage and I hold the key.  You become aware of just how fucking lowly you really are – Realizing that I now own your cock and that I will unlock you only if and when I see fit. I love teasing you. Making you sport a little woody – only to delight in the squeals of pain when the confines of the cage prevent you from getting up. You can beg and plead for release all that you want, But you know that and begging means nothing to me. In fact the MORE you beg – the more fun I have saying “No!” And trust me, you will be begging. As the days turn to weeks turn to months the growing ache in your balls will leave you with no choice. You will be on your knees pleading for mercy that will never come. Just like you will never cum. Crying like a little fucking bitch with no shred of masculinity left.

I do love it when my pets cry too. Either out of frustration, humiliation or pain. I love that chastity causes all three. It causes men to break down. To become desperate. To be a bitch

And pathetic bitches don’t deserve to cum.