You may have noticed that I haven’t been making many CBT posts lately on this blog.

It’s not because I stopped doing those calls! I still love ball busting! In fact, I love CBT so much, that I have a dedicated blog all about how best to hurt those little, filth filled things! I share the blog with the dashing Miss Lilly, so go check it out at

Like I said, even though I’m not posting about it here at humiliation nation, I’m still doing them! In fact, I just had a wonderful call with a little pain slut of mine.

We had some fun with hot wax. I had him dripping it all over his cock, balls, nipples, stomach and inner thighs. He was simply howling in painful delight.

For me, as much fun as the hot wax was, I had the most fun at the end of he call, during clean up time.

You see I “forgot” to tell him he may want to shave before busting out the candles.