“My dick isn’t long, but it is really thick, is that OK?”

No. Just no. Nobody wants your short chubber. Real cocks are thick AND long. If you have a shortie then you still qualify for small penis humiliation. Other forms of humiliation as well. Not only is it too small, it is all disproportionate and ugly as all fuck.

At heart all women are size queens. Size in both directions really does matter. I was helping a pet shop for a new toy on Amazon today. Want to know what the best seller on the entire site is? “Sexflesh Rebellious Ryan 9 inch Dildo“. Is anyone actually surprised by that? I’m not. Ryan there isn’t some short shafted bitch, now is he? No he is long and thick! Just the way women are meant to take.

How do I put this? A pussy by nature is designed to STRETCH. For a woman to have really intense non clitoral orgasms her entire pussy needs to be filled. Shorties can only stretch out half or quarter of it at a time. That just does not work for us. It’s no better then a teeny weenie or a pencil dick. Actually it’s even worse because we could see the potential of what you could have been. Alas, you are most definitely a little dicked loser.

So stop with the “buts”, Your dick is too fucking small.


P.S Guess what episode of Friends was on TBS this afternoon? Yep, the it is a big deal one. Apparently if you write it, it will air.