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Why Black Men are Superior to White Men

Lots of hot wives tend to gravitate towards black men to be their bulls – and for a good reason! Black cock is sooooo much better than white dick, and if you are going to be cucking your little bitch boi at home, might as well go for the best lay around, and that is hands down a lay by a Black man. They are just plain better than white men. And here’s why:

1.) They are just more masculine. It goes tall dark and handsome after all. The darker complexion, heavier brow, broader jaw and deeper voices just scream masculinity. It’s very sexy.

2.) White men can’t dance! What I am saying is that black guys fuck better. They have better rhythm. They are more aggressive. More animalistic. It’s amazing.

3.) And yeah. They really do have bigger cocks. We have gone over and over again on this blog about why size matters.

– Miss Nadia

7 comments to Why Black Men are Superior to White Men

  • Tom

    Maybe u could train on black cocks for cocksucking training

  • Mr. Thimble

    As a white man I know this is so true. Admitting one’s lack of masculinity and inability to compete is a bitter pill to swallow. But how could I deny the truth? I’ve read the scientific data on penis size. Even if I hadn’t, I’ve been in the locker room. I know where I stand.

    But Ms. Nadia, do you think there are enough women out there today who know this too that a white man with a 4 inch cock needs to worry he might wind up a cuck? Or might already be cucked and not even know it yet?

    I’m hoping most women haven figured out how much bigger and better BBC really is.

  • SissyChrissy

    Hi Ms. Nadia, what about Indian dicks? Where are we in the heirarchy

  • loser

    Hi Mistress Nadia, This is true. Some males are inferior to every male. the ones that never lose their virginity. Please update your wish list for money slaves like me.

  • violet

    Wow Ms Nadia, this such a hot post, I must admit, this type of fantasy is my favorite, BBC is so sexy, especially with a hot girl like You !! nice post!!

  • sissy donna

    Ms Nadia,
    i agree with You on all three points that You wrote about Black Men. my significant other has been sleeping with Her Black Boss and His Black friends for a long time and She is full filled and happy.i usually go to the glory hole to get some BBC and delicious cum. mmmm.

  • As usual you’ve managed to say it best without beating around the bush. That’s a black dick’s job. We women can attest to the true superiority of a big black dick in action. The length of the stroke, the power of that girth! It’s eye-rollingly good every time and no wonder why cuckolds were invented.

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