There is nothing I love more than having my pussy stretched by my bull lover’s big black cock. Laying back on my bed with my long silky legs wrapped around his waist. While he pounds my pussy over and over again with that massive piece of man meat.

It makes it even better when I have a little cuckie slave kneeling in the corner, his tiny little dicklet straining against the cock cage which keeps it all locked up. It makes my pussy gush when I catch sight of my little cuckie – chomping at the bit, quivering with excitement and craving release from the ache in his balls that my “show” has caused. It makes me cum hard every time! Inevitably the spasm in my pussy usually brings my lover to orgasm as well. Few men can resist when my pussy clamps around his cock! Milking it. So I always get a slippery cream pie, and judging by the size of my bull’s balls, it’s usually quite a bit of cum! My little cuckie relishes that moment, as he knows that he will be called on to hop up onto the bed, place his head in between my legs and lick up all that cum.

Which brings us to this evening.  I decided to spoil myself and make a big old ice cream sundae. It was great, until I realized how similar melting vanilla ice cream looks like cum. I couldn’t help but to think of the last time a sub licked my creamy pussy clean. I got so horny I had to nip off to the bedroom and take out Mr. Vibey.

I had a FANTASTIC orgasm… but by the time I got back to my ice cream it was a puddle. 🙁

Oh the dangers of being a Cuckoldress!

– Nadia