Hi kinksters! Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend! Ty and I got home from the beach Monday and were too exhausted to do anything special for dinner, so luckily grilling weather is upon us! So we ran to Hairy Peter (Harris Teeter grocery store for you non southerners) and grabbed some bratwurst and beer.

Of course I can’t hang out in the sausage aisle at the grocery store without having to giggle a bit. There you have nice, big, fat, juicy, can’t even fit in the bun, hunks of meat… right next to those itty bitty lil’ smokey, cocktail weinies! I can’t help but think of all the times I have made little dick losers compare their tiny dicklets next to a real man’s. I love seeing the look in their eyes when they put them side by side for the first time. Most didn’t realize it was that bad, or that they were that small. I mean seriously. It’s fucking hilarious.

It’s no secret that I like making fun of tiny dicks, and that I am pretty mean about it! So consider this your warning, the next few months of BBQ weather is going to keep me in a near constant mood for SPH phone sex!