I had a fantastic work out this evening! Ty and I went for a 4 mile run then we hit the gym! We can get a bit competitive with each other and I am proud to say I totally beat his ass on the trail! Of course I would really like to beat his ass in the bedroom too, I’ll take my win for our foot race. After the run (It was a warm up!) we went to the gym for weight lifting. Not my favorite thing in the world. I find the gym rather boring. But getting dragged along to the gym is what I get for dating a personal trainer.

At least there’s plenty of spank bank material at the gym. For the humiliatrix in me – there’s plenty there with unfortunate bodies I can fantasize about having on their knees before me. Gym shorts don’t leave much to the imagination as to dick size. I love imagining what I would say and do to those teeny weenies. Oh and on the flip side there is all the eye candy. Yummy delicious sexy sweaty bodies. With plenty of mirrors around that make checking them all out on the sly possible. I have to admit for as much as I hate the gym, watching Ty lifting weights and seeing those biceps at work IS one of my favorite things. My panties got wet and not from sweat! I couldn’t even wait to get home to have that big black cock inside me. I fucked him in the car behind the building. He left a huge load deep inside my pussy. As I didn’t have a cuckie at hand for clean up – I got to drive home with a creamy cum filled pussy.

Which reminds me – keep your eyes on my blog sweeties! There will be something special posted here in the next few days that one lucky pet will get to enjoy!