“Mistress can you make me eat my own cum?”

Music to my ears. I love turning a man into a nasty little cum dumpster. Whether it be swallowing his own load or wrapping those lips around the thick cock of another man, nothing excites me more then hearing those little moans of pleasure as the thick white cum runs all over my little fag’s tongue. Seeing the wide eyed expression when he tastes it for the first time, knowing he will become totally addicted to cum eating

Of course for the pets that want to eat their own cum, that means we have to drain those balls. I generally prefer to deny my pets (Blue balls are so much more fun then empty ones!) but when cum eating is involved I am much more enthusiastic about allowing my pets release. I even will provide some guided masturbation instructions. Oh the JOI of a nice tease session (see what I did there? Ha. I love puns. Also it has to be divine kink god intervention that the abbreviation for ‘Jerk Off Instruction‘ sounds like the word ‘joy’) where I edge them over and over again. Release doesn’t come until I hear begging. And then –

“Now eat it you little slut”

“I – I – I can’t do it Mistress.”


So now have to devise a punishment for my little not quite cum eater at this point for disobeying his Mistress, plus I am disappointed because I was expecting a bit of a show. Once a guy has gotten his rocks off he has zero motivation to pursue further kinky activities. He loses all interest in eating his cum for me.

So I have a solution. All the little wannabe cum sluts need to start freezing their loads.

Yep. Save it up for a later time. Thaw it out then give me a call. Preferably before you’ve had dinner and are feeling a bit peckish.

Hope you are in the mood for Ice “Cream”