Needing a magnifying glass to see your dicklet... yeah. Loser.

Needing a magnifying glass to see your dicklet… yeah. Loser.

Did you know your cock has a built in self destruct sequence? All of them do. And the sad thing is, the phrase to deflate even the most robust hard on is so much simpler then the destruct sequence 1 code 1 A 2 B that would take down the starship Enterprise (and let’s face it that’s the space ship auto destruction sequence equivalent of using “password123” for your wifi network).  Have you guessed the ego-killing-penis-destroyer phrase yet?

“Is it in yet?”

So short yet so damning of a sentence. Nothing makes a woody into a noodle as quick as a remark that brings into light that thing you’ve always worried about: “Is my dick too small?” . Needless to say if you have ever heard that devastating phrase uttered then the answer is a resounding YES! You are a little dicked loser.

Still not convinced that you aren’t a real man? Let’s go done the check list. Once you DO get it in – does it fall out on the back stroke? Can you successfully jack off with just 2 fingers? Can you walk around with a hard on without anyone noticing? When you use the restroom do you have to sit every time? Have you left your lovers all utterly disappointed? Have they needed to cheat on you? Have women laughed when they’ve seen you naked? Do panties fit better than boxers?

Does this sound like you? If so then small penis humiliation phone sex would be a good fit!

And you know all about fit, or lack there of.

– Mistress Nadia