It is no secret that I am a fan of a tall, dark, and handsome man. With a hard muscled body and a nice big thick dick (because size DOES matter). While I have found acceptable specimens of masculinity across multiple races, I have definitely gravitated towards black men. My romantic partner and Co-Dom, Reese, is a black man. We have been together several years and he has kept me quite satisfied in the bedroom with his 9 inches.

Black men tend to have the characteristics I’m looking for in a real man. Tall, muscular, deep voices, strong jawline, machismo, and of course that BIG cock. Stereo types exist for a reason you know 😉

These are also the characteristics I encourage my sissies to search for when they are looking for a man to serve.

Cocksucking is such a powerful way to find yourself in sub space. Nothing will make you feel more feminine and humiliated about your tiny little thing than by serving a real man, dripping with masculinity, sporting a gigantic dick.

There is nothing like being down on your knees, his rough hands clasped on the side of your head, choking and gagging on his thick cock while his powerful ass and thigh muscles drive that monster dick down your throat. Feeling those heavy balls slapping against your chin and listening to his deep moans getting louder and louder until he blows that load

So if you are a sissy who desires serving me, better start practicing taking a BBC!