Ever want to try your hand at some sissy public humiliation but just aren’t ready to go out dressed in your sweet little stockings and cute little dresses? I get it. Public humiliation tasks can be scary and do have real world consequences. What if you run into someone you know and they catch you with those breast forms poppin’ out?

Well I have a public humiliation assignment for my sissies who want to push the edge but just aren’t ready to go over it yet. Something to spark the excitement of having your sissy secret out in the open around the masses.

Ready for it? Here it is:

I want you to wear woman’s perfume while out and about for an entire day.

Pick something obviously feminine. A nice fruity or floral scent. Something that just screams “woman” to you! Something soft and girly for the sweet sissies, something with a little musk for the slutty ones.

The beauty of this one is that you do have some plausible deniability here. Maybe you gave a female relative a long hug and the smell is just lingering, or maybe you were trapped in the car with a female coworker and it permeated a bit.

Of course, you will be raising some eyebrows. Not everyone is going to buy your story. The more astute ladies out there will know that you’ve been shopping on the other side of the department store.

If you complete this public humiliation assignment let me know in the comments or give me a call and tell me all about it!