You know the amount I cherish listening to screeches of agony and tears of utter shame from my pets, but there is another sound I savor – the horrified and frustrated moans of those rare occurrences when I DO let you cum. Confused as to why an outspoken proponent of orgasm denial would actually allow you to cum? You see, one of the things I love to do, is allow you to cum, but ensure you don’t get to actually ENJOY your orgasm.

Because I love me a good ruined orgasm. It’s another delightfully evil way of controlling your cock.

Maybe I will have you stroke that dick for me, right to the edge and back, over and over again, until FINALLY I allow you to go over that edge. You’ll feel the swelling in your balls, it will feel so amazing, your hand sliding up and down over that cock. My voice whispering naughty and devious things into your ear. Conveying you to new heights of erotic excitement. Oh, how desperate you will be by the time I say “I think my pet deserves to cum today”. You will be so excited you might not catch the malice in voice during that phrase. It won’t hit you, what I plan to do, until I growl “HANDS OFF THAT COCK!”

Stopping all that wonderful stimulation. That pathetic fuck stick will jerk and twitch wildly. Your load oozing out in the most unfulfilling and unsatisfied way.

Just be thankful I didn’t ruin it by squelching instead.