All my humiliation pigs are to be on their best behavior! We have a guest here at humiliation nation tonight! The following is a guest post from the fabulous Ms. Lilly of – Ms. Nadia

Sometimes, even Mother Nature decides to punish puny-pricked little deviants.

As being born with a feather-sized fuck, stick wasn’t punishment enough, every once in a while; the Universe in its infinite wisdom decides to dole out, even MORE, torment on little thimble-dicked fucktards. Like Ms. Nadia, weather in my neck of the woods is cooling down. In my case, that means storms. Lots, and LOTS, of glorious storms. I have a fetish for severe weather, and the transition from fall to winter supplies some of the year’s most dramatic thunder & lightning storms.

Why is this important?

Because the fall & winter lightning storms frequently bring hail; and they can blow up seemingly out of nowhere.

In fact; that’s exactly what happened today. Hail fell out of a clear sky right in the middle of an SPH and CBT session with one of my real-time clients. I had the button-dicked buffoon chained to the outdoor whipping post & locked up in a humbler, and was working him over with a willow switch when the first little hailstones started falling.

Oh, he whimpered and squirmed. At first, he thought I’d switched to flogger or a cat o’ nine tails; the poor little button-dicked bitch didn’t realize it was hail for a few moments, not until I stopped whipping him to pick up one of the frozen little white marbles, and started laughing. It was bigger than he was!

I held it up to his face, and told him he was so fucking pathetic; even HAIL was bigger than his hard-on! He started sobbing and crying, trying to deny the proof in front of his own eyes…right up to the moment I threatened to grab a double fist full of hail stones to use as anal beads and leave him out in the woods until the storm blew over.

He changed his tune remarkably quickly–and agreed almost instantly that I was right. He was pathetic, he was puny, his hide and seek hard on was smaller than hail—I let him out of the humbler and whipping post, and as quickly as the storm blew in, it was over.

He was so relieved; he didn’t even notice that I’d picked up a few of those hailstones…at least, not until they were introduced to his tender little ass a few minutes later. It turns out; he likes frozen anal beads 😉


~Goddess Lilly


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