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A problem that every Mistress will face is one of simple space logistics. How do you fit all your devoted slaves into the same small dungeon? Well ladies, the answer is here with Dr. Pohl’s Shrinkomatic 2000!

Just turn the machine on, allow the tinotactic tubes to warm up, then instruct your slave to kneel on the target pad. Once you flip the switch he will immediately be transformed! Watch as he gets tinier and tinier – shrinking before your very eyes!

Problem solved! In an area where you could formerly only house 3 to 4 slaves you can  now house DOZENS! Each in their own little hamster cage on a shelf. A cute little wheel to keep them in shape, a bottle for easy watering, and lots of soft tissue for them to bed down in.

Finally! You can live all of those shrinking and Giantess phone sex fantasies. Your little pet will love serving his Giantess Mistress. Hours of entertainment to be had! Watch while he uses your rings as a hula hoop, or you can wrap a shoelace around his waist, wind him up and use him as a yo-yo! Small slaves are easily carried around in a purse or a shoe, and no rabbit vibrator can compare to a little man inside you!

And it is finally all Possible with the Shrinkomatic 2000!

– Dr. Pohl